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  5. Sébastien RUFFINATTO

Patent Team – Engineering Sciences/Life Sciences/Chemistry

Agency: Paris – Saclay
+33 (0)4 30 63 00 40

Technical Areas of Expertise

  • Chemistry
  • Materials
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Electrochemistry
  • Accumulators
  • Vacuum Deposition Systems

Other Technical Fields of Competence 

  • Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Medical Devices
  • Photonics/Optics
  • Electronics/Semiconductors
  • Energy

Educational Background
PhD in Materials Chemistry, Specializations: Materials, Bioanalytical Chemistry, and Electrochemistry
Master’s Degree in Chemistry/Physics, Specializations: Chemistry, Electrochemistry, and Nanotechnology

Professional Qualifications: Patent Associate
CEIPI Graduate (Patents)

French, English

Sébastien deals with portfolios involving chemistry (organic, medicinal, materials, fuel, energy, etc.), surface physicochemistry (treatment, functionalization, coatings, epitaxy, thin layer deposits, etc.), physics (optics, nanotechnology, etc.), natural resources and the environment, agronomy, pharmacology, and health.

Prior to joining the world of IP, Sébastien spent his academic (doctorate and post-doctorate) years working in various domains including: analytical chemistry and biochemical analyses, protein coupling, nanoporous membranes, electrochemical energy storage, chemical separation processes, the functionalization of nanoparticles, magnetic particles, biochip realization, the optical properties of nanodiamonds, a catalytic etching process, ion electrode development, bio-fuel cells, etc.

His proficiencies include drafting of patent applications, monitoring of patent procedures in both France and abroad, technology watches, competitive intelligence, and scientific database and patent searches.