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  5. Olivier LEGRAND

Patent Team – Engineering Sciences

Agency: Brittany
+33 (0)2 23 44 59 26

Technical Areas of Expertise

  • Physics
  • Photonics/Optics
  • Medical Devices
  • IT/Software
  • Nanotechnology

Other Technical Fields of Competence 

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics/Semiconductors
  • Telecommunications
  • Civil Engineering
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Resources and Environment
  • Energy

Educational Background
PhD in Physics, Specialization: Biophysics, Nanotechnology, and Molecular Electronics (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris/University Paris VI)
Master’s Degree in Physics (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)

Professional Qualifications
French Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
CEIPI Graduate

French, English

Trained as a physicist, Olivier first worked in scientific research in the areas of optics/photonics (an important component of his doctorate), fluid and microfluid mechanics (notably at CALTECH, in California), semiconductors, plasmas, and nanotechnologies applied to biological systems. He also taught first-year medical courses at the University René Descartes (Paris V). He mainly deals with portfolios involving physics, optics (lasers, fibers, wavefront analyzers, etc.), mechanics, electronics, IT, and energy.

Thanks to his doctorate in biophysics, he has a sound knowledge of biology, particularly molecular biology, which naturally qualifies him to deal with biotechnology issues at the crossroads of physics and biology, especially those pertaining to medical devices. He deals with portfolios involving mechanics, biomechanics, DNA chips, medical devices, medical imaging (X-rays, fluorescence, ultrasound, etc.), biological specimen spectrometry, biological sample image processing, fluid mechanics of the human arterial system, electrocardiography, endoscopy , ophthalmology (wavefront analysis, determination of optical aberrations of the eye, etc.), various medical equipment, microfluidics, prostheses for the human body, and laboratory robots (PCR machines, cell sorters, etc.).

He also has a good knowledge of chemistry, enabling him to handle issues at the crossroads of physics and chemistry: materials, polymers, soft matter materials, gel physicochemistry, surface wettability, surface treatments, environmental and wastewater treatments, etc.

His proficiencies include patent application drafting, monitoring of patent procedures in both France and abroad, IP portfolio management, technology watches, competitive intelligence, and patent consultations and litigation. His activities cover the fields of physics, optics, biotechnology, and physicochemistry.

Oliver is accustomed to representing clients during oral proceedings before the European Patent Office. He also has experience in front of the European Patent Office’s Enlarged Board of Appeal. He assists bailiffs during counterfeit seizures and is involved in various university and school activities.

He is regularly in charge of negotiating and drafting industrial property clauses in consortium agreements.

Oliver teaches a course on the extension of international rights at the Université d’Evry and has been teaching a course on European patents since 2011. He is an INPI trainer. He is also involved in the Patent Assistant Certificate Exam and serves on its jury. He was a member of the European Qualification Examination Committee (tests A and B).