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  3. IP management expertise

IPAZ® has the expertise to handle all legal issues related to intellectual property in the field of patents, trademarks, industrial design rights, copyrights, digital works and software, databases, domain names, and all matters of strategy, management, and litigation with respect to the aforementioned topics.

Intellectual property rights management can sometimes be difficult within a company due to the absence of a dedicated department, a lack of staff, a lack of dedicated tools, difficulties remunerating inventors, etc.

IPAZ® proposes tailored solutions that will enable you to better manage your intellectual property rights.

  • Audits to identify unprotected innovations and help build an IP asset portfolio
  • IP audits for the acquisition or transfer of companies or business lines
  • Audits in the context of a capital increase, a pledge, or the entry of new shareholders
  • Validity and scope of rights assessments
  • Valuations and financial estimates of rights
  • Due diligence
  • Establishment of company-wide agreements
  • Review of employment contracts, purpose statements, and intellectual property clause integration
  • IP integration in R&D procedures
  • Establishment of systems for declaring inventions
  • Establishment of incentive compensation systems for inventors
  • Employee training for all technical, legal, and hierarchical tiers
  • General or specialized training adapted to your needs
  • Proprietary teaching materials
  • Provision of rights portfolios via a fully secure online platform (CleverIP®)
  • Fully customizable management tools
  • Monitoring of all rights
  • Establishment of an intellectual property portfolio
  • Deadline reminders
  • Annuity management and renewal
  • Estimates and budget preparation assistance