Capital et Rebonds Solidaires – Nov. 4th 2019 in Montpellier

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IPAZ is present in Montpellier for the members of Capital et Rebonds Solidaires and of Leader, about industrial property and innovation strategy

Nurhak AKDOGAN (Partner and Patent Attorney) and Cécile FROMEN (Patent Attorney) will co-host Monday, November 4, 2019 a presentation for the professional association « Croissance et Rebonds Solidaires » and « Leader Montpellier » in Montpellier as part of a Business Club, on the theme « The management of the innovation and intellectual property, a sustainable source of growth  »

They will present industrial property as a source of tools (patents, brands) that can be used aggressively by companies, with a focus on ways to finance IP spending and on the taxation of research expenses.

Myriagone Conseil and Jean-Pierre Richard, ESII, will also speak.

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